Whether you are a beginner or advanced student, our native speaking instructors can support your progress in communicating in a second language.



Nervousness and anxiety are natural when we are doing anything for the first time. With training and practice you can become comfortable presenting yourself and your ideas.


False cognates and idioms that don't translate are just some of the practical reasons to use our translation services. We also translate your government, legal and school documents.


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"English-speaking ability influences a worker’s ability to succeed, regardless of the particular language spoken at home. The degree to which a person can communicate in English influences employment status, and once employed, his or her ability to find full-time, year-round employment. Even among those who have full employment, those with the highest ability to speak English have the highest earnings."


"The impact of globalisation and economic development has made English the language of opportunity and a vital means of improving an individual’s prospects for well-paid employment."


"Online learning is much more conducive to the expansion of learning time than is face-to-face instruction."



"I think it is possible to learn a language on your own via some tech-based platform, but I think it would take you a long, long time and you would need to be very disciplined."

Donavan Whyte, VP Europe, Rosetta Stone



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